IJCRAR is now DOI (CrossRef) registered Research Journal. The DOIs are assigned to all published IJCRAR Articles.

Publishing Policy

Digital Preservation Policy

1. Introduction

The International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review (IJCRAR) is dedicated to the responsible management and preservation of digital content in line with the guidelines established by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). This Digital Preservation Policy outlines our commitment to ensuring the long-term accessibility and integrity of published research articles.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to:

Define the responsibilities and procedures for preserving digital content published in IJCRAR.

Ensure the continued availability and accessibility of published research articles.

Address potential issues related to technological obsolescence, format migration, and data integrity.

3. Preservation Measures

IJCRAR is committed to implementing the following measures to preserve digital content:

3.1. Digital Object Identifier (DOI): All published articles will be assigned a DOI to provide a permanent and unique identifier, enabling easy and persistent access to the article.

3.2. Archiving: IJCRAR will partner with reputable digital archiving services to regularly archive and preserve the journal's content. This ensures that articles are stored in a secure and redundant manner.

3.3. Data Backups: Regular and secure backups of the journal's digital content will be maintained to protect against data loss due to technical failures or other unforeseen events.

3.4. Format Migration: IJCRAR will monitor technological advancements and changes in digital formats. When necessary, we will migrate content to newer formats to ensure continued accessibility.

3.5. Metadata Preservation: Detailed metadata, including article metadata and citation information, will be preserved to facilitate proper indexing and retrieval of content.

4. Access to Archived Content

IJCRAR will ensure that archived content remains accessible to researchers, readers, and the general public. Access to archived content will be provided through the journal's website and digital archive partners.

5. Data Integrity

To maintain data integrity, IJCRAR will implement the following measures:

5.1. Regular Integrity Checks: Regular integrity checks of archived content will be conducted to identify and address any data corruption or loss.

5.2. Version Control: IJCRAR will maintain version control records to track changes and updates to digital content.

5.3. Error Correction: Any identified errors in archived content will be corrected, and updated versions will be made available.

6. Collaboration with Digital Preservation Partners

IJCRAR may collaborate with external digital preservation partners to ensure best practices in digital preservation are followed and to enhance the long-term preservation of its content.

7. Periodic Review

This Digital Preservation Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its alignment with evolving digital preservation standards and technologies.

8. Conclusion

IJCRAR is committed to the responsible and ethical preservation of digital content. This Digital Preservation Policy underscores our dedication to ensuring the long-term accessibility and integrity of research articles published in the journal.