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Publishing Policy

Confidential Information Policy

International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review (IJCRAR)

Introduction: The International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review (IJCRAR) recognizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of all information related to the manuscript submission, review, and publication process. Adhering to the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), we have formulated the following confidential information policy.

1. Manuscript Handling and Storage:

  1.1. Submission: All manuscripts received will be treated as confidential documents.

  1.2. Storage: Manuscripts and related files are stored on secured servers with restricted access.

  1.3. Retention: Unpublished manuscripts are retained for a specific period, after which they are securely deleted.

2. Peer Review Process:

  2.1. Reviewer Anonymity: In line with our single-blind review process, the identities of reviewers are kept confidential from authors.

  2.2. Review Documentation: All reviewer comments and related correspondence are treated as confidential and are retained securely for a determined period.

3. Editorial Process:

  3.1. Editorial Board: Members of the editorial board commit to maintaining the confidentiality of the manuscripts and the review process.

  3.2. Meeting Discussions: Any discussions about a manuscript during editorial meetings remain confidential.

4. Third-party and External Services:

  4.1. Vendor Confidentiality: Any third-party vendors or services, such as plagiarism detection services or production tools, are required to confirm and ensure data confidentiality.

5. Breach of Confidentiality:

  5.1. Identification: Any potential breaches of confidentiality, whether intentional or unintentional, will be taken seriously and investigated promptly.

  5.2. Resolution: Based on the nature and severity of the breach, necessary corrective and preventive actions will be taken, which might include informing affected parties, revising internal procedures, or escalating the matter to appropriate authorities.

6. Author and Participant Privacy:

  6.1. Personal information, like names, email addresses, and affiliations of authors, reviewers, and editors, will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of the journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

7. Disclosure of Information:

  7.1. Confidential information, including reviewers' comments or unpublished manuscript details, will not be disclosed or shared with anyone outside the editorial process, unless required by law or with the explicit written permission of the author(s).

Conclusion: Confidentiality is at the core of the publication process, ensuring trust and integrity in the interactions among authors, reviewers, editors, and the publisher. IJCRAR remains committed to preserving this confidentiality across every stage of the publication process.

Note: This policy will be reviewed periodically in alignment with updates from COPE and advancements in publication ethics and data security measures.