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Copyright policy

Copyright Policy:

The International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review (IJCRAR) is committed to promoting the open dissemination of research to foster innovation and collaboration. As part of our commitment to openness and accessibility, we have adopted the following Copyright Policy, in alignment with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines and utilizing Creative Commons licensing:

  1. Author Retention of Copyright: Authors retain the copyright of their published work in IJCRAR. This means that authors have the right to reproduce, distribute, publicly display, and create derivative works based on their published articles.
  2. Creative Commons License: All articles published in IJCRAR are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This license allows others to freely distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the published work, provided they give appropriate credit to the original authors and the journal.
  3. Attribution: In accordance with the CC BY license, proper attribution must be given to the original authors and the journal when using or distributing any part of the published work. Attribution should include the article title, authors' names, the journal name (International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences), volume/issue number, year of publication, and a link to the original article.
  4. Third-Party Content: If the published work includes any third-party content, such as images, figures, or tables, authors are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions and ensuring compliance with copyright laws. Proper attribution should be given to the original source of third-party content.
  5. Archiving and Repository Deposit: IJCRAR encourages authors to deposit their accepted manuscripts or published articles in institutional or subject repositories, preprint servers, or other recognized open-access platforms. Archiving and sharing of research outputs contribute to the wider dissemination and accessibility of scholarly work.
  6. Ethical Considerations: Authors are expected to comply with ethical guidelines, including avoiding plagiarism, falsification, or fabrication of data. Any ethical concerns or violations should be reported promptly to the editorial office.

IJCRAR is committed to respecting authors' intellectual property rights while promoting open access to scholarly research. The adoption of Creative Commons licensing and our Copyright Policy allows for widespread dissemination, collaboration, and innovation within the scientific community.