International Journal of Current Research and Academic Review
ISSN: 2347-3215 Volume 1 Number 4 (2013) pp. 103-109
Evaluation of principals supervisory and motivational roles on secondary school agricultural science Instruction in Kogi State
Sir Daluba* and Noah Ekeyi
Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Faculty of Education, Kogi State University, Pmb 1008, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria
The study evaluates the Principals Supervisory and Motivational Roles on Secondary School Agricultural Science Instruction in Kogi State. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. One Hundred and Eighty (180) agricultural science teachers and five hundred and forty (540) agricultural science students in senior secondary three (SS3) were randomly sampled from all the two hundred and fifty eight (258) secondary schools in Kogi State. A ten item questionnaire was drafted by the researcher, subjected to validation by experts and used for data collection. The data collected were analysed with the use of frequency counts, mean, simple percentage and chisquare. The results of the analysis showed that principals were ineffective in performing their supervisory roles but on the other hand, they proved to be more effective in performing their motivational roles based on the responses of the agricultural science teachers and students. Some useful recommendations such as incorporating principals in the planning and implementation process of agricultural science programmes, encouraging principals' attendance to professional seminars, workshops and conferences among others were proffered.
Evaluation; Motivational; Supervisory; Role; Agricultural Science Instruction.