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Abstract            Volume:8  Issue-5  Year-2020         Original Research Articles

Online ISSN : 2347 - 3215
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The Concept and Process of Seed Germination – A Review
DestaAbayechaw and KedirWulchafo
Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Wendogenet Agricultural Research Center, Shashamene, Ethiopia
*Corresponding author

For germination to occur, the environmental conditions must be favorable in order to support the growing plant. The soil depth, amount of water, and temperature are all critical conditions that must be met in order for the process of germination to be initiated. Typically, the soil conditions must be moist and warm. When environmental conditions are optimal, germination is initiated by a process termed water imbibition. The seed absorbs water through a structure called a micropyle, which induces swelling of the seed until it splits open. Once the seed has ruptured, the radicle (primary root) and plumule (shoot) can emerge from the seed. This process is initiated by specific enzymes that become activated when the seed is exposed to water. The roots grow downwards, and the shoot grows upwards towards the soil surface. Once the shoot emerges from the soil surface, the cotyledons become fully unfolded and expand, eventually forming the first leaves. Once this occurs, the plant is ready to initiate photosynthesis and is considered a seedling.

Keywords: Seed germination, Soil condition, Enzymes, Cotyledons
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