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Radio-sensitivity on Huasteca-100 Soybean Seeds Variety with 60Co Gamma Radiation
Luis Antonio Gálvez-Marroquín1, Carlos Hugo Avendaño-Arrazate1*, Moisés Alonso-Báez1,
José de Jesús Maldonado-Méndez1, Yeudiel Gómez-Simuta2, Simitrio Ortiz-Curiel1 and
Audencio Joaquín Verdugo-Velázquez3
1National Forestry, Crops and Livestock Research Institute (INIFAP)-Experimental Station Rosario Izapa, Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas, Mexico. C.P. 30780
2Sub-direction of Production, Program Moscamed-Moscafrut (SAGARPA). Metapa de Domínguez, Chiapas.
C.P. 20860
3Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Campus IV. Autonomous University of Chiapas. Huehuetán, Chiapas,México. C.P. 30660
*Corresponding author

In the current study, radio-sensitivity on soybean seeds from the Huasteca-100 variety with 60Co gamma rays was evaluated. Fifteen doses of radiation (1-1250 Gy) and control (without irradiation) were utilized. The trial was carried out in nursery polybags under randomized block design with four repetitions. Germination, survival, height, and the number of seeds per plant were evaluated so LD50 and GR50 calculation could be done through the linear and quadratic regression. Survival, height and number of seeds per plant were modeled, and at what dose was significant in these variables. LD50 for survival was calculated at 438 Gy, whereas GR50 for height and number of seeds was calculated at 252-298 Gy, respectively. No radio-stimulation regions were observed, yet, transition regions were achieved amongst 1 and 440 Gy, but height and number of seeds are more radio-sensitive than survival (1-240 Gy). The inhibition region was obtained from 240 Gy for plant and number of seeds, but from 440 Gy survival was obtained. Based on the GR50 for plant height, a 252 Gy ± 5% dosage could be considered appropriate for genetic variability inducement on Huasteca-100 soybeans.

Keywords: Glycine max, radio-sensitivity, gamma rays, LD50, and GR50.
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doi: https://doi.org/10.20546/ijcrar.2017.505.004
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